PlayStation 5 Update Introduces Full Discord Support: Now Live

PlayStation 5 Update Introduces Full Discord Support: Now Live

Sony Integrates Discord with PlayStation 5 Console

Sony has recently released the 9.40 system update for the PlayStation 5, bringing a host of intriguing updates and improvements. The most notable addition is the integration of Discord, a widely-used voice and text chat service, directly into the PS5 console. This update also includes enhancements for friend requests, child accounts, and the Pulse Elite headset.

With this update, PlayStation 5 owners can now participate in Discord voice chats directly from their console, without needing to use a smartphone or PC. The Discord section in the PS5 control center allows access to servers and calls, which is particularly useful as users now receive notifications for incoming Discord calls.

Gradual Rollout of Discord on PS5

The new feature is being rolled out gradually across various PSN regions, starting in Asia and later expanding to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and America.

New Friend Request Feature

The firmware update also introduces a new function for friend requests. Users can now generate QR codes that link to their PlayStation profile on Sony’s platform. These QR codes can be easily shared via messaging apps or social media, simplifying the process of sending friend requests.

Enhanced Child Account Management

Another important aspect of the update concerns child accounts. These accounts can now be linked with third-party apps such as Discord, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and Twitch.

Parents will be notified when such a link is established and can implement additional security settings if needed.

Pulse Elite Headset Benefits from Update

The Sony Pulse Elite headset also benefits from the update. The stability of the PlayStation Link connection has been improved, and a bug causing the headset to turn off when an audio cable was connected has been fixed. Additionally, the brightness of the status indicator light has been reduced to minimize distracting reflections.