Major Leaks and Rumors at a Glance: What We Already Know About the iPhone 16

Major Leaks and Rumors at a Glance: What We Already Know About the iPhone 16

Apple is highly likely to release a new iPhone in 2024. Following the introduction of the iPhone 15 in the fall of 2023, the upcoming successor is expected to be the iPhone 16, assuming Apple sticks to its usual naming convention. The next generation of iPhones will probably consist of the following four models:

  • iPhone 16: the standard model
  • iPhone 16 Plus: the standard model with a larger display
  • iPhone 16 Pro: the premium iPhone
  • iPhone 16 Pro Max: the premium iPhone with a larger display

Apple has not officially announced or confirmed the iPhone 16, nor has it confirmed that a new smartphone is in the works. However, we, along with numerous leakers and renowned Apple experts like Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, are confident in its arrival, leading to a flurry of rumors about the next generation. Here are the most significant ones.

Release Date: The iPhone 16 is Expected in September 2024

Typically, new iPhones are unveiled during the September keynote. This is followed by a pre-order phase, which ends about a week later with the official release of the new generation. The current iPhone 15 was presented on September 12, 2023, and released on September 22, 2023. Most past keynotes have occurred on a Tuesday in mid-September. For the iPhone 16, this could mean a presentation on either September 10 or 17, 2024. Pre-orders might start the following Friday (September 13 or 20, 2024), with the official market launch a week later (September 20 or 27, 2024).

Will the Next iPhone Be More Expensive?

Apple fans were pleasantly surprised when Apple lowered the price for the iPhone 15. All four iPhone 15 models are between €50 and €100 cheaper than their predecessors. Will this trend continue, making the iPhone 16 even cheaper? Probably not. A price increase seems more likely, provided Apple decides to adjust the iPhone 16 prices at all. Since there are no concrete rumors about the price of the next generation, Apple might also keep the current prices unchanged.

The New Chip in the iPhone 16

In the past, new iPhones have always received the old Pro chip from the previous generation. For the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus, this would be the A17 Pro chip. The iPhone 16 Pro, however, is expected to be equipped with the A18 Pro. There are also rumors that all new iPhones will get a new A18 chip, which could be more powerful than some laptops. Apple is likely to boost the chip’s performance to support potential new AI features. As competitors like Samsung and Google already offer various AI functions, Apple is slightly behind. A new, more powerful chip with more memory could change that.

Possible Camera Upgrades in the New iPhone Generation

The iPhone Pro models are known for having some of the best cameras on the market, so expectations for the iPhone 16 Pro are high. Likely rumors include a 48-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, a five-time telephoto lens, a stronger optical zoom, and enhancements for low-light photography. The vertical arrangement of the camera module is expected to bring upgrades to the iPhone 16, potentially enabling Spatial Video.

The iPhone 16 rumors suggest significant upgrades and new features that continue to push technological boundaries. As always, only time will tell which of these rumors will materialize, but anticipation is already building for Apple’s next big release.