Snapshot of Oppo Find X7 Pro’s Rear Camera Reveals Unconventional Design Cues in Real-World Image

Snapshot of Oppo Find X7 Pro’s Rear Camera Reveals Unconventional Design Cues in Real-World Image

The anticipation for Oppo’s X7 Pro remains high despite limited details surfacing in leaks. Expected to succeed the Oppo Find X6 Pro, this camera-centric flagship keeps its specifics mostly under wraps. Originally slated for a November release in China, a recent update suggests a launch timing before the Spring Festival in February alongside multiple product launches. The camera setup, previously hinted at through leaks, gains traction with an alleged real-world image unveiling its design.

A post on Weibo showcases what’s purported to be the Oppo Find X7 Pro in public transit. The device boasts a rounded silver metal frame, potentially paired with a soft finish or faux leather rear panel.

Of particular note is the rear camera module—a conspicuous feature housing four cameras arranged in a hexagonal layout. This protruding and chunky module presents a stark shift in design from the outgoing Find X6 Pro. Unlike its predecessor, which drew inspiration from high-end Hasselblad cameras, the X7 Pro’s new hexagonal camera array diverges significantly in appearance.

A leaked photo reveals the prototype-like device with the LED flash positioned at the top left corner—a trend observed in recent Oppo and OnePlus models. This placement was initially introduced with models like the Oppo Find N3 Flip and OnePlus Open, and has persisted through recent Oppo releases. While subject to potential alterations, this detail suggests a credible design direction.

Recent leaks shed light on the X7 Pro’s unique telephoto camera setup. Differing from most flagship devices, the X7 Pro is rumored to sport dual periscope telephoto cameras. The primary 50-megapixel sensor offers a 2.7X optical zoom, while another 50-megapixel sensor is anticipated to provide a 6X optical zoom. This aligns with Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra, which also incorporates a dual telephoto camera setup, albeit with one periscope telephoto camera.

While substantial specifics remain elusive, these leaks offer intriguing insights into the Oppo X7 Pro, hinting at a substantial departure in design and camera capabilities from its predecessor.