Nintendo Switch 2 Leak Reveals Console Size, Resolution, and Controller Details

Nintendo Switch 2 Leak Reveals Console Size, Resolution, and Controller Details

As anticipation grows for the unveiling of the Nintendo Switch 2, a fresh leak over the weekend has shared exciting details about the successor to Nintendo’s current console. According to the new information, the Nintendo Switch 2 will be larger than the current Switch but smaller than Valve’s Steam Deck. Additionally, it will retain the Joy-Con controllers as its primary method of input, albeit with a new magnetic connection instead of the traditional rail mechanism.

Mobapad, a manufacturer known for producing alternative controllers for the current Nintendo Switch, has divulged details that align with and expand upon previously known information. Notably, the Switch 2’s screen will measure 8 inches, up from the 7 inches of the current Switch OLED model, and will boast an improved resolution of 1080p.

When docked, the Nintendo Switch 2 will enhance the gaming experience by supporting 4K resolution on television screens. The dock itself will feature a more rounded design. Furthermore, the new electromagnetic Joy-Con controllers will include additional buttons—one located on the front of the right controller below the Home button and another on the back of each Joy-Con, potentially crafted from metal.

Compatibility with the Original Nintendo Switch
The leak also indicates that the current Joy-Con controllers will be compatible with the Nintendo Switch 2 via Bluetooth, and the new console will recognize game cartridges from the original Switch. However, new cartridges will be exclusive to the next-generation console.

With an increasing number of details emerging, it’s becoming more apparent that Nintendo should release official information about the Switch 2 soon, with June being a strategic month due to the high visibility of the video game industry during that period.

Rumors suggest that Nintendo aims to launch the console with a strong lineup of games by March 2025, exactly eight years after its predecessor. Among the titles speculated are Persona 6 and a remake of Sonic Heroes, with first-party titles still largely under wraps. Fans are left wondering whether a new 3D Super Mario adventure or Metroid Prime 4 will be ready in time for the launch, or what other franchises might debut alongside the new console.