YouTube attracting 85 percent internet users in India

In the race to attract the consumers in India, YouTube, with its capturing of per month 245 million user, is already leading the Netflix and Amazon.

In the quest to penetrate the rapidly growing video market in India, when big video platforms like Amazon and Netflix are struggling for past few years to capture it, YouTube has achieved the same.

In 2014, YouTube was standing in India with 1 million subscribers of just 16 channels, now after four years the number of channels has reached 300 increasing 17-fold and subscriber scoring over a billion. YouTube’s daily active viewers, according to Comscore, year-over-year have been growing at the pace of 100 percent and the unique users who visit the site every month have been surpassing 245 million currently which is 85 percent of the all internet users in India. And users outside of the six major Indian cities are making 60 percent of YouTube’s total of Indian traffic.

YouTube, becoming a daily routine in the lives of viewers in Indian market, has been rapidly growing against the rivals like Amazon and Netflix, who in their efforts to make the way to emerging markets, have been producing original contents for viewers with the investment of multi billion dollars.

If we review other emerging Asian markets, YouTube, there too, is playing better than the others. In Thailand, with reach out of 93 percent in urban areas, YouTUbe is reaching to 92 percent of rural users. In Indonesia, with a year-over-year increase of 50 percent, YouTube each month entertains 74 million active users.

Creators are also be benefitting from the loyal audiences of their own with increasing number of viewers visiting YouTube searching the contents of their interests. And for this, it is not wrong to say that Netflix and Amazon are fighting not with a single entity YouTube, but with millions of content creators.

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