Without Free markets – Canadians will be affecting

In absence of a healthy corporate competition, mostly because of the telecommunication industry’s current nature, Canadian telecommunication users have collectively been dealing with the problems.

Canadian’s pockets are being emptied from price adjustment by the telecommunication corporations as and when they want to do so just because of the non presence of the even rivals, leaving the customers with loads of expenses but also upon the mercy of the corporations.

With its less interest towards the issue, Canadians across the country have been distressed by the current regulation of the government.

Large Telecommunication providers, becoming larger after several mergers, comprise the telecom market of Canada, and when it comes to the mobile phones, one of the three largest service providers has been used by approximately 90 percent of the Canadians.

Free-market followers want the government to end its influence on the industry and they can be influential upon telecommunication industry for its current corporate multi-polar dominion. Before coming into effect after legislation in 1993, a law proposal was endorsed in1987.

A foreign ownership of a Telecommunication Company, in case of no control over it,  can be effectively go up to a maximum limit of 46.7 percent of the shares, but it is restricted to 20 percent in case of  voting shares. Foreign owners are also limited to 33.3 percent of the company holding shares in a telecommunication company. Condition, of having not less than 80 percent Canadian citizens as member of the board, also applied on the telecommunication companies.

In 2012, for the smaller companies, having market share of less than 10 percent, the restriction of foreign ownership was softened by the government, but still no significant foreign entity availed the opportunity from the revised rules.

Not only the more choices will be available to the customers but businesses will also be developing goal winning strategies by allowing foreign telecommunication companies into Canada by the government.

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