With better awareness, consumers are complaining more to CCTS in Canada

The Commission for Complaints for Telecom-Television Services (CCTS), Canadian regulator to handle telecommunication and television services related customer’s complaints, on Tuesday stated its concern over complaints, expected to be rising this year. Largely comprise of complaints related to wireless providers, in 2017-2018 complaints rise by 57 percent. Investigations about television complaints should also been carried out by the regulator for the first time.

In 2018, till September, most of the complainants came with the same issues of over billing and non disclosure of information by network operators, which for last 10 years, CCTS has been dealing with.

Despite the fact that for the protection of consumers, effective from December 2017 a revised Wireless Code was brought, but complaints has still been rising.

CCTS in 2017-2018 handled a total of 14,272 consumers with their complaints about the mobile, internet and television services provider. To the total of all complaints, largest part of 41.5 percent of the complaints was about wireless services followed by the internet services about which 29.2 percent complaints were registered, whereas, complaints of television services remained 10.6 percent of the total complaints.

Earlier this year, a hearing about telco’s sales practices, was conducted by Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), findings of which is due in February. With high-pressure sales tactics, low-income and aged peoples have been misled by the telcos, complained consumer advocates at the hearing, also demanding a code of conduct for sales and a relaxation period, to enable the consumers to with draw, in case non suitability of contract  to their needs.

With intention for making the government to act upon, customers are now better aware and complaining more.

With 8,987 complaints in last five years, CCTS noted a rising of 170 percent in complaints about internet services related to disclosure issues, billing and service quality.

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