Whatsapp user could forward a message only to five other users now

Facebook, in a quest to limit use of its Whatsapp platform for spreading false and misleading information, has restricted the number of recipients that can receive a forwarded message.

As of today, limit of five messages all over the world has been imposed by us, said Victoria Grand, vice president for policy and communications at WhatsApp, at an event in the Indonesian capital Jakarta on Monday, Jan 21.

Means Whatsapp user, who previously could forward a message to 20 individuals or groups, can now forward a message to not more than five other users.

Around the world there are about 1.5 billion Whatsapp users, most of which use the platform for personal and licit use, but for the company issue arise when its platform has been misused by spreading manipulated photos, fake news, audio hoaxes and videos without context. For that misuse of the app, Whatsapp, which have no way to monitor the origin of the disturbing content or not have full reach to it,  has been trying hard to find ways to stop.

End-to-end encryption of the app, which allows exchange of videos, photos and texts between groups of hundreds of users, make it impossible to exercise check and balance over it by either any independent fact checker or the platform itself.

Starting from Monday, for activation and implementation of the new forward limit, Whatsapp launches a software update, with Android users will be receiving it prior to Apple’s iOS, told Carl Woog, Whatsapp’s head of communications.

The move is a global expansion of a remedial step initially taken by the company in India last year. In past July Whatsapp, after facing an incident of its platform being used to spread rumors which led to violent situation that resulted several killings, has imposed the five recipients limit in the country.

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