Vodafone Chief Executive says US to share evidence about Huawei’s risks with Europe

The United States is needed to be sharing any evidences about Huawei’s equipment being used for spying with the European authorities to enable them to came up with a common stance about the Chinese firm’s technology whether to exclude it or not from their networks, the head of Vodafone said on Monday.

World mobile network market is running mostly on the equipments provided by three major players with Huawei as the largest provider, while Ericsson and Nokia as second and third largest supplier of network equipment in the world.

On Monday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, chief executive of world’s second largest mobile operator Vodafone, Nick Read said that telecom industry as well as economic growth would be hurt when two out of three suppliers remained left in the market.

There should be risk evaluation based upon the facts, as people are mentioning things about Huawei which are not coupled with any evidences at the moment, and this  is I am not saying about the United States as I haven’t met anyone directly but they have to provide those evidences to the authorities all across Europe, said Read.

At the government level in the Europe, every one to whom I met was in view to go through an assessment based on the facts regarding the Huawei issue, he added.

Last month, Vodafone has announced of halting use of Huawei’s equipment in its core networks across Europe until having a clearance from governments.

Network equipment from Huawei has already been deployed in the 4G networks throughout the Europe, and it will not be an easy task to exclude Huawei from future 5G networks as it has to be done on the infrastructure of older equipment provided by the Huawei, and move to swap those equipment will be disrupting the whole infrastructure and will very expensive as well and doing that will delay European roll out of 5G by two years.

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