Verizon’s delayed 5G buildout covers tenth of Sacramento’s area

Verizon, last year, had announced Houston, Los Angeles, Indianapolis and Sacramento as four initial U.S. cities to receive a 5G network, but according to a new report, company might not achieve city-wide coverage for years in Sacramento as residents are seeing that the network is not anywhere near as big as was expected.

In Sacramento, the initial plan of Verizon 5G network coverage was to offer service in downtown, midtown, East Sacramento and Natomas, but local TV station CBS13 reported that Verizon has installed only 200 5G radios in the city which covers only 10 percent of the city’s area.

The report also estimated that in order to provide citywide coverage, Verizon have to install about 4,000 radios and installation of 200 radios is a tiny fraction of that. An updated 5G map is also not available with the Verizon as most of the addresses have been receiving a no-service availability messages on the 5G Home website while those are located in the neighborhoods of 5G serving areas.

If the things were to go on normally, then with early start of its 5G buildout, Verizon would be moving rapidly and Sacramento would also become the first city to achieve citywide 5G coverage, but the process stopped as Verizon stopped adding cell sites in all four cities.

Last month, during the CES, carrier came out saying that it has already done 5G buildouts in the initial four cities and will not be adding more 5G towers in those cities until the second half of 2019 when it will be receiving standard-compliant hardware.

For Verizon, it will take three to five years to provide 5G services across Sacramento to the users in a reasonable coverage area, said Earl Lum, wireless industry analyst. He added that in Sacramento, Verizon is still in requirement to get approval to mount more 5G radios on the city streetlights.

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