Verizon expected to roll out Dual-SIM in December

Dual SIM support is the feature which is not available to most of the consumers in United States and it will only be after activation of the same by their carriers as already activated by Apple in 2018.

Without the clear signal of correct plan, while majority of the U.S. carriers has only been announcing the rollout of dual-SIM support to be activated soon, Apple with the release of its updated iOS 12.1 has activated the dual-SIM support in its current 2018 iPhone models of iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

Reportedly an internal official memo has been circulated by Verizon among its offices regarding timeline to roll out its Dual-SIM activation to be expected in early December, which is away couple of weeks now. Software barriers to configure the dual-SIM on its network, has also been removed by the Verizon, also hinted in that memo.

Previously Verizon software was facing limitations for dual-SIM feature to be run on its network as its user were facing network speed knocked down to the pathetic network level of 2G CDMA, whenever they activated the dual-SIM configuration and was unable to support Verizon’s standard LTE services after that dual-SIM configuration.

Verizon also halted the roll out of its dual-SIM activation earlier because of this problem of non supporting software also resulted in total outage of the coverage for user residing in regions where Verizon has only providing LTE services to its consumers, causing the Verizon to halt the earlier roll out.

Later on Verizon came up with the announcement of working together with Apple for resolution of the limitation issues and stated to make public of its dual-SIM activation after being sure that these issues has been resolved permanently. And now the Verizon’s that surety has been hinted by that internal memo.

Major U.S. carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T, due to their very own reasons, have still not announced their dual-SIM activation roll outs.

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