US‘s another step of urging allies against Huawei

Further step towards its totally banning the Huawei, US has been making efforts to influence to keep away the internet and wireless services provider in allied countries from Chinese telecom giant, reported Wall Street Journal on last Tuesday.

Journal also reported that in the associated countries where Huawei with its widely used equipment have a strong presence, Executives of Telecom companies and government counterparts has been approached by US government officials. The US official, by passing on their fears about the possible cyber-attack risks from the companies, has been urging its exclusion of Huawei from commercial and government networks.

United States has recently put the Huawei under watch list and imposed strict restriction upon it.

With growing risk of spying, leaders of United States’ intelligence and other agencies passed on their doubts about Chinese companies atop by Huawei, may have been in ties with Chinese government which at the moment is ruled by Communist Party. In vastly emerging era of Internet of Things, these could lead the Chinese government not only to spy on the US and other countries but also make it able to disconnect the network connections of the opponent countries in shape of cyber attacks.

For moving back from made-in-China telecom equipment, in allied countries for development in telecommunication sector, an incremental approach has been under consideration at Washington, reported WSJ.

For its most sensitive communications in allied countries like Italy, Japan and Germany which are hosting US military bases, highly secured networks have been used by the United States. But use of commercial networks, with their equipment from Chinese companies, in these countries for traffic movement of that communication is raising concerns of the US.

To counter the threats to national security of The United States, an enduring approach of being alert has been expressed by the spokesperson of US Department of Commerce.

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