Uber using VoIP for Driver-Rider Communication

Uber has introduced use of voice over internet protocols or VoIP on its app as new way of communication between drivers and riders which is similar to FaceTime audio or Skype. Despite using cell phone service, Uber’s new VoIP feature will use internet data for making calls. At a conference in San Francisco on October 18, ride sharing company announced the availability of VoIP feature on its app across the globe, which it was testing since June.


Uber has been currently offering in-app chats, telephone networks and SMS text messages as ways of communication for riders and drivers. Cheaper data calling drove the Uber’s interest in VoIP. During global expansion phase, Uber in many countries found the data calling cheaper than cellular calls. To communicate with a driver through internet is not only being convenient but also much cheaper than a roaming call for people travelling abroad.


For coordinating pickup details with riders while remaining on Uber’s app, it also costs drivers comparatively less expenses. To retain the drivers on its app, it is also important for Uber to offer such new benefits and features to combat increasing cheaper alternate options available in ride sharing market.


Flawless rider-driver communication plays wider role in smooth pickups and engineers at Uber, for smooth pickups in urban areas with denser localities, are experimenting with new GPS tools currently. Uber’s found that failure of driver to reach rider or rider to driver causes the accelerated cancellations. In crowded situations, like after a sporting event or concert, with fainting of cellular connectivity issue mostly arises, VoIP can extra beneficial for Uber.


Anyone’s ride sharing experience will always be different for different countries, so do for the company also. Every market has its own cultural habits, and Uber is keen to learn all the tricks in the market.

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