U.S. automakers oppose splitting of spectrum reserved for auto safety

The chairman of U.S telecom regulator on Wednesday suggested utilization of less-used block of spectrum that is reserved for auto safety by splitting it to be used by the wireless devices which have rapidly been growing in number, an intention that creates a clash of interest between auto manufacturer and telecom industries.

In 1999, authorities in the United States set aside a block of spectrum in the frequency band of 5.9 GHz exclusively for auto manufacturers for development of technology that would enable vehicles to communicate with each other to make the roads more safer, but the auto industry so far remained failed to appropriately make use of that spectrum.

Last week on Wednesday, Chairman of Federal Communication Commission Ajit Pai came up with a proposal of splitting that spectrum into two halves, suggesting one of them to be for Wi-Fi use and other to be used by auto industry for testing and developing auto safety communications system. The proposal is set to go through an initial voting process at the FCC that is scheduled on December 12.

On the other hand, the U.S. Transportation Department went up against the proposal of splitting that spectrum block and regarded the entire block as crucial to the future of auto safety technology’s development and expansion, as the auto industry has been putting its efforts in developing technology to enable vehicles not only to share their information with the infrastructure but also to share data such as their speed, direction and location with each other to help keep their selves away from accidents.

A group having representatives from almost all major automakers accompanied by the advocates for the cyclists and blinds on that day, citing more than 2 million annual U.S. road injuries and 36,000 deaths, also urged the FCC not to proceed further in this regard till the completion of testing to found the fact that sharing the spectrum should be safer.

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