Twitter will now label and de-emphasize violating tweets from politicians

Twitter Inc moving forward striking a balance between accountability and freedom of expression is implementing policy of de-emphasizing and identifying those tweets that are coming from important sources like politicians but found to be breaking the platform’s rules, said the social media service announces last Thursday.

The new rules would be applicable to those politicians as well as government officials that have more than 100,000 followers, said Twitter.

Twitter’s Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey said that the platform will though keep up the tweets violating terms of use of platform’s service due to public interest but will clearly label such tweets. The offending tweet should now be accompanied with a covering and in order to view that tweet, user should be required to click on a link.

Social media platforms remained under much of the criticism for not properly monitored the tweets from politicians which the platforms otherwise would be removing if posted by a normal user. Even some critics have pressurized Twitter to remove hurting tweets from U.S. President Donald Trump and other politicians, whereas on the other hand conservative remained repeatedly complaining that technology companies favor liberals against conservatives.

Trump, on Twitter only, is currently enjoying more than 61 million followers whereas as many of his tweets remained talk of the town in news channels.

On Twitter’s recent move, request for comments was decline by the White House.

Screening-out process of tweets to receive the new label would be made not by the artificial intelligence monitoring system but by the human reviewer, said a Twitter spokeswoman. The violating tweets would then go through a task force of several teams that would be deciding whether the disputed tweet should be considered in the public interest or not.

To further clarify and provide additional context of a violating tweet, a notice would be placed on the screen and in order to view that tweet, users have to tap through or click on that notice, Twitter said.

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