Telus intending remain stick with Huawei

Telus Corp. is sticking by its work with Huawei. The telco’s business strategy surfaced by a memo, signed by Eros Spadotto, executive vice president of technology strategy at the Vancouver-based company, it sent to employees last week, the Globe and Mail newspaper reported.

The memo stated that Huawei, with its new software updates, globally leading innovations and comprehensive security measure, undoubtedly remained reliable and viable player in the Canadian telecommunications market and described company’s partnership with Huawei as transparent, positive and innovation focused.

Canada, ahead of launch of 5G technology in the country, is currently conducting a security review considering Huawei’s ban, for which, this week it has been warned of consequences by Lu Shaye, China’s ambassador to Canada. To the other end, U.S. and Australia, being members of Five Eyes countries and for their fears of company’s close ties with Chinese government, have imposed restriction on Huawei’s operations, which is also pushing Canada to take similar steps.

Meanwhile, Trump administration is considering an executive order aiming significant restrictions upon operations of Chinese state-owned telecom companies in the United States for their concerns over national security, according to people familiar with the matter. The order, without mentioning names of specific companies like Huawei or ZTE and banning total U.S. sales of the companies, will equip the Commerce Department with more authority to review the products and purchase by companies that are related to unfavorable countries including China, one of the people said.

Telus, to address security concerns regarding Huawei, has worked closely with the federal government, said Spadotto in the memo, which also stated the Huawei’s ban as damaging factor to the investment already made by Telus in its existing networks.

According to supply chain data compiled by Bloomberg, Huawei is the third largest supplier to Telus and also worked with Bell in Canada.

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