Telecommunications sector – More Expose to DNS Attacks

Telecommunication sector has been standing among the worst businesses by remaining failed to counter cyber attacks, as revealed by a leading network security specialist EfficientIP in its 2018 Global DNS Threat report today.

The report revealed that, after being notified, it takes three or more days for application of significant security patch, by 81 percent of telecommunication organizations. Over the past 12 months, DNS-based malware has affected 43 percent of the businesses in telecommunication sector, as highlighted by the report.

Significant amount of time and money has also been bear by Telco organizations under DNS attack. According to EfficientIP’s this year report, a long time of over 17 hours spent by an average of three employees collectively had been taken by telcos to mitigate a single attack. The cost per DNS attack of $622,100 for 2017 to that of $886,560 for 2018 is showing that the average cost to telco sector for a single DNS attack has been raised at the rate of 42 percent over 12 months because of the time intensity of the mitigation process.

The report for 2018 also revealed that the reputation of the telecommunication brands had also been suffered by the consequences of the cyber attack as in 2018, 33 percent of the telcos reported a compromised website, stealing of sensitive customer information was reported by 30 percent of the telcos, in-house application downtime has been suffered by 31 percent of the telcos whereas cloud service downtime has been faced by 38 percent and most of the all 45percent telocs’ had left with no other choice but to close down particular connections and processes after being affected by a cyber attack

DNS architecture simplification, enhancing real-time threat visibility, revision of countermeasure, decentralization of DNS architecture and incorporation of DNS into global network security solutions are the recommendation of EfficientIP to the telecommunication sector for countering the cyber attacks efficiently.

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