Telcos to thoroughly vet their vendors, Dutch Minister

The Dutch government is adopting the strategy of not shunning China’s Huawei technologies Ltd or any of the other suppliers over fears of espionage but will force the country’s telecoms companies to scrutinize their suppliers for network equipments in a more thorough manner while rolling out their 5G mobile networks.

In his letter to parliament the country’s Justice Minister Ferd Grapperhaus said that for assessing the risk of state-backed espionage in 5G networks, a task force was formed which had concluded that the through vetting of supplier by telecom companies was the sufficient answer to the risk of spying.

This year several warnings about Russian and Chinese spying was issued by the AIVD, the Dutch Intelligence agency, and a major advisory body of the country last week suggested that, to handle the issue around Huawei’s possible involvement in the spying for its home country China, Dutch should not completely keep the Chinese firm out from the 5G roll out but at least follow the steps taken by Britain and Germany in this regard.

Both major European countries did not exclude the Huawei completely from their 5G roll outs but limit the scope of the company’s equipment to the non-core network equipments.

The networks of T-Mobile, VodafoneZiggo and KPN, country’s three big telecommunications providers, were used by the task force to carry out the risk assessment, Grapperhaus said, adding that the Dutch telecom companies now would be exercising “extra high standards” while dealing with suppliers foe network equipments.

The task force was established in April by the Dutch government to evaluate the possibility of having any loopholes or back doors in the 5G telecommunications networks that could be misused by the vendors providing them with the network equipments.

The statement of country’s Justice Ministry came at a time when 5G network auction process is due to begin in the Netherlands in coming months.

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