T-Mobile with Nokia succeeded to transmit 5G over Low-Band

T-Mobile in collaboration with Nokia has announced to successfully complete the test of transmitting 5G data through 600Mhaz radio spectrum of low band frequency. Across the United States, for the rollout of potentially fast and broader 5G services, this transmission test will be setting the stage.

Amidst other chipmakers and operators are focusing on hardware operating on millimeter wave (mmWave), Mid-band frequency of 3.5GHz – 6GHz and high-band frequency of 28GHz to develop their 5G radios, T-Mobile has chosen the low band insisting for a year that for a wider range transmission of 5G services these high bands are incapable. Competitors of T-Mobile are mounting many new towers to support 5G services as these towers are able to send the signals over mmWave in a range of 1 mile or a bit more.

As a single tower of low-band spectrum can transmit the signal to hundreds of square miles, T-Mobile came up with the solution of using low-band spectrum to provide 5G services to the customers.

Contrary to the competitors who will be offering 5G services only to a limited area in selected cities, T-Mobile is expressing to provide 5G services to “everyone nearly everywhere” by 2020 using its nationwide low-band spectrum.

With the expectation of its 5G service with access to non urban areas, having superior building penetration and better support for IoT, T-Mobile and Nokia announced test completion of 600MHz frequency in Spokane, Washington for standards-compliant 5G.

Debuting as “Extended Range LTE”, covering over 1,500 towns and cities in Puerto Rico and 37 of U.S. states, 600MHz hardware has already been installed by the T-Mobile.

But to the speed of 5G over 600MHz spectrum, T-Mobile did not hinted anything as it seems that it will not be able to compete with the speed of 5G using mmWave or mid-band.

To the national average of 20Mbps range, in some regions, T-Mobile users are experiencing 100Mbps to 150Mbps peak download speed as of today.

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