Samsung devices expected to be with new “force touch”

In-display fingerprint scanning is the technology, which Samsung has been experimenting for its phones for years. And a newly published patent is hinting towards the Samsung’s intentions to use the in-display fingerprint scanning also to its smartwatches.

Earlier this year, with the US Patent Office, a patent was filed by Samsung which it is referring as “fore touch” technology and possibly be using that feature not only in its smartphones but also in smartwatches. And this patent filing of in-display fingerprint technology by Samsung is expected to be expanding by using it in Galaxy S10 model launching next year making it the first with “force touch” sensor.

As companies routinely file patents round the year, so this is not necessary that a company filed a patent and must be using it in real-world and so could possibly be done by Samsung.

With an ability to recognize a specific pressure from finger press, a fingerprint sensor, on the back of the display of Galaxy device was shown in patent filing illustration and referred as “force touch” by Samsung in documents with the noting of its confining to lower part of the display. Samsung, as it described in patent filing, has been seeing touch sensors, electronic pen sensors and display panels becoming obsolete after launch of this technology.

Reading gesture, hovering input from a pen or touch could be input methods in electronic pen sensor using force touch technology. For display technology, Samsung will be pondering pressure-sensitive and capacitive touch sensors or a variety of different touch sensors. LCD, LOED, MEMS, LED or electronic paper display could also be used by Samsung for its display technology using force touch sensors.

Whatever the technology Samsung uses in its devices launching next year, but the fact of spending considerable resources upon in-display fingerprint technology suggests that Samsung will certainly be using the technology in future as core technology in its premier devices.

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