Russia took Google in Court for breaching law

Russia, accusing for non compliance of the legal requirements, has launched a civil case against Google, stated Russian communication watchdog on Monday. Google remained failed to remove certain entries from search results which is a regulatory requirement, is the stance upon which Russia is taking Google to the court.

Roscomnadzor, the communication regulator, said that up to 700,000 roubles ($10,450) would be the fine to U.S. internet giant, if found guilty. It said Google had conducted the breach as it had not joined a state registry, responsible for listing of banned sites. The websites containing, from Moscow’s point of view, illegal information, become banned in Russia by listing it down through that state registry which Google didn’t joined.

The case is likely to be concluded by December with a final decision.

Strict internet laws, requiring social networks to use the servers within the country for storage of personal information and data related to Russian users, messaging services to share encryption keys with departments of national security and search engines to restrict or delete certain search results, have been imposed by Russia over the past five years.

Fines, for enforcement of its data laws mostly comprised of merely up to a few thousand dollars, are the only tool Russia currently has. With the burden of possible technical difficulties, blocking the offending online services is another option for Russia for implementation of its data laws.

Reuters on Monday, citing people familiar with the matter, unveiled the Russian intention for heavily charging the non complying technology firms. Feedback has been sought from industry players by Russian Resident’s administration through a consultation document for its plans of harsher fines.

According to the sources, fines equaling 1 percent of their annual revenue in Russia would be faced by the global tech giants like Google and Facebook upon breaching rules, if the legislation succeeded to make it the law.

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