Robotics Android? Boston Dynamics has the mission to make marketable robots

Boston Dynamics is a robotics company that has something rare in its industry: fans. They get excited about every new thing released. However, although launched in 1992, it has not yet reached the commercial stage. Something that can be changed with its latest release, the robot of four ‘legs’ Spot.

The model is a test for the company that has spent decades investing in large-scale research and development, and its success or failure will tell much about the future of robotics in the world.

A number of industry names will say that working with robots is a very difficult task, due to several factors, be it research and development, for financial reasons – many companies fail because investors give up in the middle of the road – and require leadership committed to the projects, highly qualified team and product and market strategies combined with perfect execution.

Boston Dynamics was born out of a US government arm, the Pentagon, and later became a subsidiary of Google, via Alphabet. These supports gave her the necessary breath for growth, but without reaching the threshold of creating a marketable product. The trigger for this is the acquisition of the company by Japanese SoftBank in 2017.

Obviously, SoftBank wants to make a profit on its investment. Its goal has always been to make Boston Dynamics robots salable products.

In addition to turning Spot into a salable robot, the company also bought the Kinema Systems logistics startup to pave the way for warehouse automation. Boston Dynamics is already selling robots that it acquired with this purchase, giving it a position in the new industry.

Jeff Burnstein, president of the Association for the Advancement of Automation, agrees that it is a “good sign” that more companies than just Boston Dynamics are involved in the creation of leg robots, such as Spot, although it cannot project if they have a future due to mobility issues.

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