Qualcomm’s victory reversed by the German court in appeal

On Tuesday, German court has dismissed the Qualcomm’s lawsuit against the Apple over patent violations.

The recent dismissal came as an about turn for the U.S. chipmaker for its winning in that lawsuit recently which imposed ban on the sales of some iPhones in Germany. In its initial verbal decision, the regional court in the city of Mannheim, described the Qualcomm’s suit as groundless and added that installation of its chip in Apple’s smartphones did not violated the patent of Qualcomm.

Welcoming the decision, Apple, in its statement, also cherished the court for its time and attentiveness. Apple also stated its disappointment over the use of court by the Qualcomm for deflection from their dishonest behavior, under trial in many proceedings and lawsuits around the world.

Qualcomm is confident of winning a separate case of similar nature before a court in Munich, which last month banned the sale of older iPhone in Germany and stated that it would appeal against the Mannheim court’s decision after winning the case in Munich court.

Don Rosenberg, Qualcomm’s executive vice president and general counsel said that since long, Apple has been infringing our patents. He also delivered company will be going into an appeal for their disagreement upon the decision made by Mannheim court and said that the company will continue to enforce its intellectual property rights against Apple on worldwide basis.

For the decision of Munich court on Dec 20 later on Apple filed an appeal which is still pending but at the time Apple said that to obey the court’s banning order, its iPhone 7 and 8 will not be stocked at its 15 retail stores in Germany but remain selling its newer models of iPhones.

To the other end, carriers and resellers in Germany continued selling and stocking full range of iPhones.

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