Qualcomm come up with new chip for 5G phones

On Tuesday, Qualcomm has disclosed about its latest chip. Powering 5G smartphones by the next year in United States, a chip, Snapdragon 855, for processors of new generation of mobile phone has been developed by the Qualcomm.

Launched by Qualcomm in an event at Hawaii, the newly launched chip will be working as modem for phones, connecting them to 50 to 100 time faster speed of 5G wireless data network than current 4G networks.

To recoup their investment costs, which mobile operators has been investing in 5G networks, has made the operators energized to sell 5G compatible phones and data plans as sooner as possible and well before their competitors too.

Likely to be releasing in the United States in first half of next year as announced by Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Verizon Communications Inc on Monday, for Samsung’s 5G smartphones Qualcomm, being largest mobile phone chips provider, will be supplying its new Snapdragon 855 chips.

To enable the feature of ‘computer vision” for recognizing faces and objects, Qualcomm’s new chip will be an assisting part, which will also be supporting its new fingerprint sensor able to read and recognize, through the smartphone’s glass screen, fingerprint of a user.

For Apple Inc., the 5G smartphones by Samsung in next year will be the biggest challenge as in the United States’ market of premium handsets; both are in high competition with each other. Locked with Qualcomm in a legal battle, reportedly Apple will not be in a position to release its first 5G iPhone before 2020, also facing other disturbing issues for two years including low sales of its new X series of iPhone, malfunctioning display of new iPhone X and Macbook Pro this year and battery problem causing delayed performance aroused in iPhone after a software updation last year.

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