Preventive & backup plans required for disastrous situation

On past weekend resident faced a fire incident which interrupted the telecommunication system not only left millions of the users without service but it also exposed the weakness of it against disasters. Although, the service providers and government assured system modifications and non repetition of such incident; but more than before requirement to adopt preparatory and redundant measures to deal with any future technical or natural disaster has been provoked by system failure.

KT Corp, Korea’s second biggest telecommunication company, encounter a fire break out on Saturday about 11:10 am at its KT Building in Ahyeon district, which took 10 hours for fire fighters to put out completely.

In the basement of the building fire struck the network and communication equipment, after which, KT’s internet networks, mobile and landline became down, luckily no causalities happened. Despite putting out the blaze in 10 hours on Saturday evening, complete unavailability or spotty service was observed till Sunday afternoon.

The affected customers found themselves with no access to desired services of internet, credit card and ATM transactions, television and even remained unable to make calls.

To avoid unfortunate failure, companies can take certain precautionary measure, whereas for common system outages, a complete prevention is not possible, said Lee Manjong, chairman of the Korean Association for Terrorism Studies and professor of the department of Law & Police at Howon University, to VOA.

Lee not only emphasized upon compulsion of system backups but also highlighted the need on splitting the networks of public safety like police emergency services, medical and fire.

After the incident, three of the major communication companies were inquired about their backup plans by the Minister of Science and ICT.

Property of about $7 million damaged with the fire. To the affected customers for their inconvenience, KT has announced free service for a month as compensation.

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