Nokia said lesser number of vendors would not be causing delay in 5G roll outs

Nokia is not seeing the exclusion of Chinese companies over security concerns as a factor which could delay launch of 5G networks in Europe, Rajiv Suri, CEO of Nokia, told Reuters.

In the midst when US has been calling Europe to ban Huawei to take part in roll out of next-generation of 5G services and to the other end some of major European telecom operators have been warning that such an action will cause their 5G deployments delayed by years, and that scenario has initiated a big debate in the Europe for a common stance.

However, Suri, described the delay in issuance of spectrum to operators and higher bidding costs of its in countries like Italy as the reasons which have actually been suffering European 5G roll outs to lag behind that of in the United States, and counter the view that 5G network market with lesser number of equipment vendors could be resulted in delayed network upgrades.

Telecom industry have been meeting in its main annual gathering in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress, and speaking at the sideline of that event, Suri said that he is in believes that no one can say that the situation developed around exclusion of Chinese companies would be affecting the 5G rollouts or other equipment providers are rather not capable to provide the required equipment or are not prepare for that.

Nokia, following Huawei which is the biggest network player in global network market, is counted to be the second-major equipment provider in the world and it has already warned that 2019 will be starting with lower sales but that pace will be accelerated to higher sales in 2020 with 5G deployments will speed up.

Nokia has also announced of winning a key Australian operator Optus to provide a 5G fixed-wireless access network. Optus has shunned the Huawei from its 5G launch after the controversy arisen around its network equipments.

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