Nokia pacing to Score earlier Wins in 5G

Nokia is leading global role in last week’s China International Import Expo by coming up with its digital solutions and 5G technology to be useful for many industries in the exhibition. Visitors got their looks over intelligent operation, maintenance of 5G technology, live broadcast of Virtual reality and super downloading speed at the Nokia’s stand in the expo.

As introduced by Nokia officials in the expo, 5G speeds more than 10 to 100 folds with that of 4G today, and can support connectivity even between devices numbered in millions. Considering the arrival of 5G an extraordinary era in which everything including cloud computing, internet of things, big data centers and artificial intelligence will be interconnected. Nokia has already established an R&D center in Munich for its dream of driverless cars as there is no internet connected to over 2 billion vehicles globally today.

Nokia has also signed agreements worth $1.2 billion with China Unicorn, China Telecom and China Mobile for ongoing cooperation for the 5G technology commercial goals.

Like operators across the globe, U.S. carriers are also intending network upgradation by the year end for better and earlier operation of 5G, whereas Middle East, China, Japan and North Korea are planning next year. Still companies are not investing in 5G like they earlier did at crest of 4G but industry has to take up the technology sooner or later.

Relatively long life cycle of 5G technologies is the reason convincing infrastructure companies to score early wins. Nokia being equipment provider is leading by performing well. Deal for provision of 5G solutions in all segments which includes software, technology and services to T-Mobile has been made by Nokia for $3.5 Billion.

Amid US-China trade war and regulatory hurdles to Chinese entities in Western markets, Nokia being of European origin have an edge over its Chinese competitors like Huawei and ZTE.

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