Nextiva Wins 2018 VoIP Hosted Excellence Award

Nextiva on November 1 has announced that they have been nominated as winner of INTERNET TEELEPHONY Hosted VoIP Excellence Award 2018.

The awards from INTERNET TELEPHONY has been honoring excellence awards for Hosted VoIP to those services providers which facilitate their customers with usage and functional advancements by showing attributes of unique features, innovation and development towards their products.

Nextiva is a leading cloud-based communication provider. In addition to the VoIP business, Nextiva is also providing its customers with the services like live chat, customer relationship management, analytics and surveys, hence customers have been facilitating with Nextiva’s wide range solutions for their unified communications needs. For the purpose to serve customers, Nextiva is using its NextOS platform equipped with AI and ML support for better efficiency.

TMC has recognized the efforts of Nextiva for its innovations in IP communications accomplish by showing constant effort for delivering incomparable solutions and exceptional quality to its customers. TMC for more than 20 years has been honoring awards to technology companies in a range of categories. Globally in the sectors of technology and communications, TMC awards has been considered as highly esteemed and prominent. For ten years in a row, Nextiva has also been winning Product of the Year award by TMC in addition to the currently won Hosted VoIP Excellence Award.

Nextiva has been keyed up upon winning Hosted VoIP Excellence Award and has been counting it as testimonial for their trustworthy and multi feature solutions which have been built to maintain the needs of its customers across the country.

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