Netflix is competing with and losing more consumer time to Fortnite than HBO

Fortnite has been coming up as potential competitor of Netflix as consumers are spending more time busy at Fortnite.

To fend off the rivals in keep up its dominating position in streaming media, Netflix is now seeing likely competition from the survival game and taking its aim to potential rivals from the world of video games for the screen time the video game are grasping from the Netflix, and Fornite is standing higher in it.

Despite the Netflix has been enjoying a dominant position in online television service but it is facing its viewer turning to video games and most of them to Microsoft Xbox and Epic Games’ Fortnite in particular, which made the Netflix to be more interactive in a bi to keep its viewers attached with its service.

The competition from the video game sector was brought into the light earlier this month by the CEO of Netflix while he was discussing the company’s quarterly results.

The company is putting all its efforts to win the entertainment time from other activities like Fortnite, Xbox, HBO and many more which also indicates that is making the company to compete in broader lines as competitions are from different provider having different activities, said Hastings.

Viewers daily spend a billion hours watching content on the TV and with 140 million worldwide subscribers Netflix is getting a tenth of it, he added.

While questioned about the strategy of Disney to launch a streaming service this year which will come pulling up popular content in the process, Hastings remained stick to his viewpoint of consumer screen time and appeared to focus on the growing market for eSports and participatory games.

In its letter to investors earlier this month Netflix wrote that we are in business of earning consumer time away from the broad set of competitors in which we are competing with both Fortnite and HBO but the amount of the consumer screen time we are losing to our indirect competitor Fornite is more than the amount we are losing to HBO, our direct competitor.

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