NBC Universal planning new streaming service at no cost

Comcast’s NBC Universal, in quest of attracting the market predominated by Amazon.Inc and Netflix Inc, will launch a streaming service by early 2020 by catching up the traditional pay TV providers.

The company on Monday has announced that the service will be provided to the NBVUniversal’s pay TV subscriber in the United States at no cost. But the service will be carrying advertisements and will eventually be available across the globe.

NBC’s decision of providing its customers with free cable and satellite TV service, in the midst of rising number of subscribers dropping the pay TV, makes the market tougher for other pay TV providers. Other traditional media companies are considering launching services on a separate monthly fee basis.

A person familiar with the plans told Reuters that NBC will also offer an add-free version to its customers which will be available to them at a price approximately similar to the price of other subscription video services like Netflix and Hulu, which charge their customers ranging between $8 and $14 for a month. Non-pay TV customers can also avail the service by purchasing a subscription. The media company said.

The new service of the NBC through customers of Comcast and its subsidiary Sky will be serving 52 million of their subscribers globally that will likely to be making it the largest service among providers of streaming services when it will be launched next year.

NBC will go on to be providing license of its contents to other studios and media platforms but rights to certain titles for its new will be retained with itself.

The plans of airing advertisement for duration of between three to five minutes in an hour will be generating ad revenue of about $5 per user, as hoping the NBC.

NBC is also intending to provide live streaming of sports and news from its networks which will potentially be providing NBC an edge during the Olympics of 2020.

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