MYnd Analytics entered into definitive contracts with George C. Carpenter

MYnd Analytics, Inc. (NASDAQ: MYND) reported that on September 21, 2018, MYnd Analytics, Inc. entered into definitive contracts with George C. Carpenter IV, President and Chief Executive Officer, Robin L. Smith, Chairman, as well as John Pappajohn, and Peter Unanue, each a director of the Company, and entities associated with Michal Votruba, a member of the Board of Directors of MYnd Analytics and Director of Life Sciences for the European-based RSJ-Gradus fund, relating to a private placement of an aggregate of 459,458 units for $1.85 per unit, with each unit consisting of one share of Ordinary Stock and one Ordinary Stock Purchase Warrant to purchase one share of Ordinary Stock for $2.00 per share. The closing price per share of the Ordinary Stock on the Nasdaq Stock Market on September 20, 2018 was $1.72 per share.

Signal For Traders

Long Term: weak Trend

MYnd Analytics, Inc. (MYND)’s current session activity disclosed encouraging signal for active traders. This is the signal from the 20-day MA which is used to monitor changes in share price. MYnd Analytics, Inc. (MYND) stock price surged with Upswing change of 15.08% when it was compared to 20-day moving average. MYnd Analytics, Inc. (MYND) is currently moving with upbeat trend. The stock showed convincing performance of 3.15% after taking comparison with 50-period moving average. When we have been seen snap of a longer-term MA 200-day then it shown damaging position along a downward movement of -17.94%. After a long term look, we can observe that the current signal is unattractive for investors.

The Company also stated that it raised an additional $1.4 mmm through the sale of shares of Ordinary Stock pursuant to its purchase contract with Aspire Capital dated May 15, 2018 at an average price of $2.11 per share price.  As a result, the Company has reached the pre-arranged Exchange Cap (as defined in the purchase contract), and will no longer sell shares to Aspire Capital under the Purchase Contract unless it first seeks and obtains shareholder authorization .

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