MLL joined Firstnet for the hosting market

In order to step forward in collocation and cloud services of hosting market, MLL Telecom, a UK based secured managed network services provider, has been collaborating with Firstnet data centers.

With this partnership, MLL will become able to advance providing diversified hosting services of customer application and equipment, also offering connectivity services over Firstnet.

Access to 20,000 sq ft data center of Firstnet in Leeds, to hosting facilities and storage space, will be available to MLL Telecom. The data center becoming part of flexible core network of MLL Telecom was initially built for storage of NHS’s records.

The partnership will be an incredible opportunity to both the companies for gathering their share of the market where now mostly customers are intending to get rid of their in-house data centers and wanting to move their services into the available option of cloud services, as said, Rob Hayward, MLL’s Director of Business Development and Partnerships.

Opportunities for Firstnet, to be benefitted from the business portfolio of MLL Telecom which also includes PSN and HSCN connectivity, and MLL, for provision of new products like collocation and cloud services to its customers through its secured managed network services, will be creating new revenues for both the uniting companies.

The partnership will be an opportunity for MLL, not only to provide its own service portfolio of value-added solutions to its customers but will also be an option for Firstnet customers, to access a wide range of connection facilities.

Firstnet will now be more in a position to offer its clients a direct access to Public Security Network and Health and Social Care Network. To the other hand, the MLL will also be doing well to penetrate in the data center market and will be able to provide new product ranges and enjoying accessibility to data center of world-class level by joining hands with the Firstnet.

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