Microsoft CEO emphasized on regulations for facial recognition

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Chief Executive of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, for the growing concerns use of facial recognition technology for privacy intrusion and surveillance, has welcomed the regulations on the technology. He was addressing to an audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday.

He came out suggesting that the steps of self-regulation related to facial recognition taken by various tech companies might not be sufficient to deal with the challenges society has been facing from the technology as its use has been commonly increasing over time.

He delivered his thoughts by saying that in the market competition has been going on without considering a difference between right and wrong use of facial technology, and in that case the self-regulation plays an important part for healthy and fair use of facial recognition but to stop its use for any harmful activities, the need of regulations by the government arises.

Progressively calling for setting up of policies to bar inequity and human right violations to be surfaced from the misuse of facial recognition, Microsoft remain at the front of raising concerns about the same.

Use of facial recognition technology has been gaining pace with its use in many smartphones which also includes latest Galaxy phones of Samsung and new iPhone models from Apple, with a so far primary function of the technology to increase the security of devices by performing biometric authentication of the user.

The potential use of facial recognition technology for spying on citizens by the governments has increased the worries, which raises the demand of check and balance upon the technology by the regulator.

For instance SenseTime, a Chinese artificial intelligence giant, has assisted the police to identify suspected criminals with the help of its face identification technology, as the firm on its website posted that local law authorities in Guangzhou has identified over 2,000 suspects by using its technology.

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