Liquid Telecom planning to build LTE network across South Africa

Last Friday, Liquid Telecom South Africa, announced its plans for 4G/LTE and roaming services.  From the early 2019, Liquid Telecom, to other operators, will be offering its wholesale roaming services and to build a 4G/LTE network across the country, the telco is intending to invest billions of rand, as said company on last Friday.

To Internet service providers and mobile operators, Liquid Telecom has been planning to provide them with an extensive open-access to its network using 1800MHz band spectrum.

Reshaad Sha, Chief Executive Officer of Liquid Telecom South Africa, said in a statement that across the country, to fulfill the requirements of most demanding customers, they will be designing a fully aligned 4G/LTE network. At the time of network going to be open-access for other network operators next year, the company has not mentioned any precise schedule for its plans for network deployments and coverage area.

Liquid Telecom has been intensely investing in African continent and with its optic fiber length of almost 70,000 km linking more than 600 towns in 13 countries, it has been operating largest independent fiber network in Africa and in Feb 2017, from Tata Communications, it acquired Neotel. And most recently, representing the first direct land-based terrestrial fiber link on the continent, it has completed its fiber network from Cape Town, South Africa to Cairo, Egypt.

In December, Liquid Telecom came to an agreement with Telecom Egypt. As part of agreement, Liquid telecom, over the next three years, will be investing $400 million in Egypt making it as a leading solution provider of connectivity and cloud storage in North Africa for the first time, which will be providing world-class data center and network services to the businesses in the region.

CDC Group, a development finance institution of UK, has recently announced an investment of $180 million in Liquid Telecom.

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