Is 10G of NCTA is double to 5G of Wireless Industry?

Last week National Cable and Television Association (NCTA) has started a campaign namely “Introducing 10G: The Next Great Leap for Broadband” and a website for their “10G” has also been launched by the NCTA. The association stated that they have trademarked the “10G”.

The cable industry in a situation when they even haven’t completed their 1Gbps connections yet, has started the campaign to market 10Gbps broadband services, for which user still have to wait for some more years to be used in their homes. According to cable industry’s lobby group NCTA, it will be the year 2020, for field trials, when the industry will start deploying the cable connections for 10Gbps broadband on trial basis.

To the other end, name 10G has not only been creating a little bit of confusion for the users but also has initiated a series of arguments by the critics, because 10G, as apparently its name suggests, is not the two fold of 5G.

The term 10G used by the NCTA is actually referring for a speed of 10 giga-bits-per-second or Gbps for their broadband connections whereas the term 5G refers to the 5th generation of wireless technology, which the cellular industry has been developing and at the moment has already started rolling out the technology which the experts are convinced that it will likely to be offered by most of the players across the globe by the year 2021.

Cellular industry, for analog technology had used the term 1G; and 2G, which was digital technology, came up the GPRS and Edge data. 3G gave even faster data and our current LTE networks are from 4G or fourth generation of mobile technology. And now the 5G, without having the requirement of deploying cables and infrastructure, will be fastest, with multi-gigabit speeds.

In its 2018 broadband report, FCC quoted a median download speed of 72Mbps that was available to broadband consumers in the United States as of Sep 2017.

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