IBM attacks Facebook and Google for “the irresponsible use of personal data

IBM President and CEO Ginni Rometty has called on governments to take specific regulatory measures to curb the behavior of certain consumer-oriented technology companies, such as Google or Facebook, which she has accused of originating “a crisis of trust “for” the irresponsible handling of personal data “.

“Solve the real problem, but avoid collateral damage,” Rometty asked during her speech at several events this week in Brussels, in which she has suggested specific policies that governments could adopt in relation to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and regulation of platforms to strengthen trust, something vital for the development of the digital economy.

In this sense, the CEO of IBM has remarked that, unlike what happens in the business world, consumers have very little power against the giant companies of dominant Internet platforms, something that justifies “regulatory action”.

“In regulating tech, government needs to focus on fixing the real problem,” Rometty said in her prepared remarks. “And that is the irresponsible handling of personal data by a few dominant consumer-facing platform companies. Addressing the weakest link – should not define the digital economy.”

In this regard, she stressed that addressing the real problem means “using a regulatory scalpel, not a sledgehammer, to avoid collateral damage” that would harm the broader, more productive and more responsible parts of the digital economy.” In addition, she has warned that the mismanagement of a few cannot be allowed to stop the progress of many.

Among the concrete measures suggested, the development of an information sheet that accompanies each AI system, with clear information on the data used, how decisions and ethical guidelines applied in the design and development are made is something that IBM has already done and believes that “should be mandatory.”

As for responsibility, Rometty has stressed that new thinking is needed because collectively dominant online platforms have more power to shape public opinion than newspapers or television, but take very little regulation or accountability.

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