Huawei will not be considered by BT for 5G core

BT Group of Britain on Wednesday, December 5 disclosed that it remained involved taking out the equipment of Huawei Technologies from the core of its 3G and 4G mobile operations, and further Huawei will not be considered for the 5G network’s core development.

Australia and New Zealand, which have been remained concerning of Chinese government to be involved in their communication infrastructure, have now prevented Telecom operators from using Huawei  equipment for their new 5G networks.

For the doubts of its ties with the Chinese government, Huawei, over its operations, has denied any influence of Chinese government.

BT further added that in the core of fixed line, Huawei’s equipment has not been used; and from the core of mobile network, it has been removing the equipment since acquisition of EE networks in order to align the process in EE network with the rest of its business instead changing the policy placed in 2006. And by non consideration of Huawei among vendors to provide equipment for its coming 5G core, BT would be stick to the same principles. But BT added that for equipment outside the core network,  Huawei, being innovative partner, will remain important provider.

Reliance on Chinese equipment was a big question mark for Britain as spoke chief of Britain’s foreign intelligence services this week.

Ahead of Nokia and Ericsson, Huawei is the leading manufacturer of network equipment globally and have significant presence in all the network markets worldwide and in Britain; it has a presence for last 17 years with its network equipments. But in Britain, its equipment remained under monitoring by the government and intelligence operators through special company laboratory.

Huawei counted the activity as expected and normal ensuring full support by understanding the same. Beginning in 2012, Huawei, along with core network equipment, had been the supplying solutions for 3G and 4G networks to EE. 

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