Huawei sales would be limited to widely available goods

To the President Donald Trump’s decision of allowing extended sales of U.S. technology supplies to Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies Ltd, an official of a top level at White House clarified on Sunday that the decision will not apply to the most sensitive network equipments but will apply only to those products that are widely available in the markets around the world.

What will be going to happen is that the U.S. Department of Commerce will grant some additional licenses only for the part needed by the company that are generally available, said National Economic Council chairman Larry Kudlow on “Fox News Sunday.”

Microchip firms from the United States are particularly selling the products that are widely available from the other countries of the world, but the current decision by the President is not a general amnesty to for all kind of technology supplies as national security concerns comes first, he said.

To reopen stalled trade and technology negotiations between the two countries, the partial lifting of ban in Huawei was an important part of the agreement between President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping that was reached over the weekend.

The decision has drawn bipartisan criticism from U.S. Senators who were concerning about the Huawei’s close ties with Chinese intelligence and national security agencies who could exploit distribution of Huawei’s technology in the markets around the globe.

If it is a major compromise to Huawei then government has to face a lot of reaction, South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsay Graham said on “Meet the Press.”

To the designation of company put by the Washington on an export blacklist, Kudlow said that would remain.

The wide-spread concerns about Huawei will remain the part of renewed discussions between the United States and China, but the agreement over the weekend “is not the last word”, Kudlow said.

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