Huawei alegations are not evidence based, U.N. telecoms chief

U.S. allegations on telecom giant Huawei, for possibility of its 5G mobile networks equipment being used by Chinese government for espionage, in absence of any proof is seem to be a political and trade related issue, the head of the U.N. internet and telecoms agency said on Friday.

Secretary-general of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Houlin Zhao while talking to the reporters in Geneva said that having a secured 5G network is in the interest of every country but so far he did not see anything that proves the espionage allegation against Huawei.

To the security concerns about the equipments from Huawei, there aren’t any evidences so far, Zhao said.

The United States has put the pressure on its ally countries to shun Huawei from development of their 5G networks on its own perception that those equipment could be used by Chinese government for spying, the claims that are rejected by China stating U.S. has a “loser’s attitude” as it is not competing with the Chinese firms in the market but on the political forums.

It will be appreciated if Huawei has to been given a chance to take part in the business, and during that course of business if anything wrong arise then the company should be charged and accused of doing mischief, but throwing the company out in absence of any evidence is not fair, Zhao said.

It is in the best interest of telecom companies to better sure that the hardware they are using is secure because in the scenario otherwise they could face government restrictions or public reaction against use of their services, he added.

So it is their utmost priority and top goal to make it sure that the system being in use by them in the market is working up to their full satisfaction.

For looking into the security, the ITU has a study group comprising of national experts including an official from Chinese telecoms firm ZTE Corp as well as an official from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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