Google’s victory against German Publishers in copyright fee lawsuit

Google earlier this month came winning a legal battle in Germany as Europe’s top court ruled that German publishers are not in a position of demanding copyright fees since 2013 from the tech giant on the basis of a German regulation because of the non intimation of that regulation to the European Commission.

Previously Alphabet being owner of Google was demanded by the group of publishers to pay them as much as 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) in copyright fees for publishing of their news snippets and other items on the web by the U.S. firm.

The German case highlights the pressure built up by publishers trying seeking a piece of the pie of revenue generated by Alphabet on its services such as YouTube and Google News from the distribution of news.

The European Union came toughening its copyright rules, as in April it forced Facebook to filter out protected content on its platform and Google to pay publishers for distributing their news snippets on its news website. The EU also emphasized its 28 member countries to enforce those regulations in the next two years.

The German lawsuit surfaced after a consortium of about 200 publishers in Germany namely VG Media took Google to a court in Germany for distributing images, videos and text excerpts produced by its member publishers on its website without paying them any fee for the copyrights of content.

The case was lodged on the basis of an ancillary copyright law enforced in Germany since 2013.

In the hearing process, the German court sought guidance from Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ), the Europe’s highest court based in Luxembourg, which ruled that Germany’s technical regulation had not been notified about to the EU executives.

The regulation by Germany that prohibits internet search engines from using magazine snippets and newspapers without having the authorization of the publisher must be neglected for not being previously notified to the Commission, said judged at ECJ.

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