Google’s break up demanded by Australian arm of News Corp

The Australian division of News Corp has demanded an obligatory disintegration of Alphabet Inc’s Google Inc.

The Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp Australia admitted the involvement of global coordination for doing so but called it necessary to protect the news and advertising media industry.

In a governmental inquiry, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) while disagreeing with Google requested to form a new regulator specifically to supervise the practices of global technology companies, but the News Corp Australia’s call, which published on Tuesday, go beyond the ACCC’s recommendation to even break up the company.

In its 80-page Google-centric submission, News Corp Australia claimed that the U.S. company has created a controlling environment on its search platform which could direct the results of internet searches made by the users and then it charges the advertiser according to the number of time their advertisement have been viewed by those users.

Because of the its practices of avoiding and discouraging the proposals made by the regulators and of disregarding private contractual measures, efforts to hold Google’s market dominance back around the world had remain failed.

Whenever Google, to comply with new regulations or responding to any investigation in other countries, agreed to change its practices of conducting business, it usually replaced the business behavior with new methods but to get the same competition-hurting effects of controlling traffic and sales and then directing them to its own sites.

News Corp Australia in its submission not only accused the Google of hurting revenue generation ability of publishers by calling its behavior as anti-competitive but also described it to be damaging for news industry’s sustainability.

In order to avoid the requirement of ongoing regulatory supervision, it is necessary rather to force Google to sell its units of advertising sales or its parent company Alphabet should be forced to sell its core internet search engine business, News Corp said.

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