Google to expand use of Content ID technology to small creators, U.S. lawmakers

Alphabet Inc’s Google to expand use of technology it has developed to prevent copyright violations to smaller creators as they have been in a significantly disadvantageous position to get the benefit of that technology, as asked a bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers to company’s chief executive on last Wednesday.

In their letter to Google’s Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai, the group of U.S. senators and representatives said that “Content ID” technology of Google is not available to copyright holders having smaller catalogs of their original works on the platform, which is not only depriving them of that technology but for not having that technology available to them, they have to manually allow the use of their intellectual property or trace copyright violation of that work.

The content of creators like Nashville songwriters and singer, who upload their music on YouTube and might not have larger fan followings like pop stars have, are excessively exposed to the risk of copyright violation, as pointed out Senator Marsha Blackburn, a Republican from Tennessee, in a statement.

The lawmaker in their letter, not only questioned Pichai whether company is in intentions of providing more of the creators on its video platform YouTube to have an access to that “Content ID” technology but also asked the company to send its representatives to be appeared before a congressional panel to answer their questions.

According to YouTube’s website, creators who are engaged in practice of frequently uploading substantial body of their original content on the platform are eligible to use the “Content ID” technology.

But that condition lacks any details or criteria for the term “substantial body”, and that was the reason, the lawmakers also asked Pichai to describe the way Google determines whether any creator qualifies for that term and also inquired whether that technology is also in use on Google’s other platforms like Google Drive and Google Photos.

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