Google shutting down Google+ sooner in April 2019

It will now be four months sooner in April 2019, Google has announced to close its consumer version of Google+. The current announcement came up after Google finding a security issues which could possibly be affecting its 52.5 million users. Previously Google announced August 2019 as the date for shutting its consumer version. Another service product which Google will be shutting, and that is within the next 90 days, is Google+ API, a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) developed by Google which allow communication with Google Services and their integration to other services.

After discovering a bug, allowing data collection of millions of its users to malicious third party developers, in October an announcement of shutting down of its unsuccessful social network for consumers was made by the Google.

In March 2018, a Google team, consist of 100 staff dedicated to fully review the tools of third party developers bearing access to Android device data and Google account, as part of Project Strobe had discovered the vulnerability. And now, after software update in November which was holding a bug, has been found by the Google, which impacted some of its users by affecting Google+ API. Google assured that during six days of its presence, neither its system was compromised to third party, nor it had found any evidences of app developers misusing it or aware of it. The Google+ API bug impacted enterprise customers and consumer users have been started notified by the Google. It also declared to be helping again if other issues arise to the impacted users or new users become impacted. Despite these issues, for enterprise users, plans to still invest in Google+ have been reiterated by the Google.

The bug, an app, granted permission by the affected Google+ API to profiles of Google+ users, even in case of profiles set to not-public.

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