Google is taking measures to let the sites block personalized ads

Alphabet Inc’s Google has modified its advertising tools to help websites and apps to comply with the California’s new privacy law which will make them able to block personalized ads to internet users in California as well as anywhere else, as Google told its clients this week.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which will become effective January 1, 2020, empowers the consumers by requiring large businesses to let them opt out of sale of their personal data. Internet companies though lobbied to exclude the personalized ads from exposure of that law but earlier this year they have to face failure in doing so which endangered their most lucrative and popular business of online ads.

Advertisers remained paying higher prices for placement of personalized ads which sometime reach 10 times more than that of the normal ads, as personalized ads were used to determine appropriate message to be displayed to consumers on the basis of their browsing history, past behavior and interests.

Due to the variance in the interpretation of the law, it is unclear whether advertisers and publishers will take benefit of the Google’s newly implemented restrictions by enabling them and if some of them enable those new restriction then how many of them will be in numbers. Google, about whether it has been developing more of the measures related to the new law, declined to provide any elaborations.

Under the new compliance terms to use Google’s tools, websites and apps have to make certain changes for selling ads on the platform, which Google has posted online as well as sent to its clients over past three days, but there is no requirement of making significant changes for users of Google’s Ad Manager and AdSense.

Ad sellers will be able to choose from personalized ads either to all consumers for having California as the origin of their internet addresses or to any individual worldwide who opt out of sale of his personal data.

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