Google introduced Adiantum for storage encryption on low-end Android devices

Google has introduced a new type of encryption for low-end Android devices. Naming it Adiantum, company designed it aiming to make it possible to encrypt the storage on those devices without hurting their performance.

Lower-end devices like Android Go smartphones as well as TVs and smart watches do not meet the Google’s performance requirements for encryptions currently and with the Adiantum, encryption will be possible on all Android devices that will provide privacy irrespective of the capacity or price of the device.

Google said that Adiantum will provide encryption across all Abdroid devices which mean that privacy will no longer be unaffordable for those who cannot pay for high end devices.

Encryption provides a stronger protection for the device against any unlawful access to the information stored on the devices. Development of Adiantum makes it possible to encrypt the storage of Android devices and ensure the privacy and secrecy of files or documents stored on a device.

Android platform provide storage encryption through Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to most of the new devices but as it runs on wide range of devices which is not limited to latest mid-range and flagships smartphones but it also run on TVs, smart watches as well as on entry-level Android Go phones. And to make the devices cost-effective, at times manufacturers use low-end processors like Arm Cortex-A7 which does not provide hardware support for AES.

Resultantly, running of AES on those devices make their performance very slow as app take longer time to launch which cause the device seems to be responding very slow. But now Adiantum on those low-power devices make storage encryption five times faster than typical AES encryption do, said Google.

Due later this year, Adiantum will be released with Anroid Q.

AES will continue to be as fastest encryption standard and will also be a requirement on supporting devices, Google said.

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