Google Fi extended to mostly devices including iPhone

On Wednesday Google officially announced the availability of its wireless network Project Fi for majority of Android handsets as well as to most of the iPhones. Google also renamed its Project Fi as Google Fi.

Google, with its new rebranded service of Google Fi, by allowing the customers to pay for international roaming and the data they use, has been intending to undertake the conventional carrier.

With the requirement of carrier’s Virtual network supporting infrastructure used for provision of best available signals by intelligently shifting service between T-Mobile, US Cellular, Sprint and Wi-Fi hotspots, previously, Fi was restricted to its own Pixel handsets and some other selected Android powered smartphones only. But now, with exclusive features of unlimited data roaming, switching between multiple networks and flat rate data billing, will likely be exposing the Google Fi to a lot more of the phones.

But still some of the handsets which also including some older models of iPhone, lacking in software and hardware design for jumping between networks, may be missing some of the features of Google Fi.

Customers bearing carrier unlocked models of iPhones 5S, 6, Se or newer one will be smoothly working with Google Fi, but for models iPhone 5, 5C, or older, it won’t be working.

And for some of the Android phones, Google Fi will not be allowing calls, data and texts by switching carriers rather will be automatically revert to default T-Mobile network and there is also a requirement of MMS settings to be updated for sending and receiving texts to be repeated after every iOS update.

Google has been claiming customer satisfaction score of 90 percent for its Fi service.

Google, for its service of Google Fi, also made agreements with carriers in 170 countries and territories, allowing its customers to use data on their devices in those locations.

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