Google employee will run social media campaign against forced arbitration

A group of Google employees for expanding their efforts to influence tech companies to revise and update their practices related to workplace harassment in the industry has been initiating a campaign to protest the issue of forced arbitration still being used in the tech industry and also to educate the public.

As part of the social media campaign on Tuesday Jan 15 starting from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., the organizers will be sharing facts about forced arbitration on Twitter every hour on hour, and on Instagram, interviews with experts and sexual assault survivors every hour on the half hour.

Many of the companies are in practice of having forced arbitrations agreements in shape of a less noticeable clause added in the employment contracts which bar the employee to take the employer to court over issues related to the workplace, and the current campaign is aiming to further highlight the problem, as Google has recently stopped such practices for sexual harassment but still there are many tech companies using and enforcing the same practices for cases related to other workplace discrimination issues based upon religious or racial grounds.

Studies have also showed that in case of any workplace issues, the employees go through litigation process not only won in most of the cases than in the forced arbitration but also got more money than got in winning even a forced arbitration.

In November, to protest against an exit package, employees of Google walked out of offices worldwide. The New York Times in November had unveiled in its report that an amount of $90 million was allegedly paid to Andy Rubin, then head of Android, after finding the sexual assault allegation against him as legit.

The current campaign has been initiated by the organizers to highlight the fact that the previous protest only got the attention but those efforts have not been materialized as issue has not been resolved in letter and spirit yet.

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