Google building new subsea cable “Equiano” from Africa to Europe

Alphabet Inc’s Google is planning improving its cloud computing infrastructure as it has last week announced a new subsea cable to connect Africa with Europe.

The subsea cable dubbed “Equiano” is fully funded by Google and after completion it will become the company’s third private international cable.

Over the last three years, the search engine giant came on making improvements in its technology infrastructure globally by investing $47 billion and the company said that Equiano is its 14th subsea cable investment it has made globally.

In its blog post, Google said that rather using the traditional switching method at wave-length level, Equiano will be incorporating the optical switching technique which is based on space-division multiplexing (SDM) technology at the fiber-pair level. Incorporation of optical switching will not only make Equiano the first subsea cable using that approach but will also make it easier to reallocate the same in different locations depending upon the requirement. It is 20 times more network capacity the Equiano will have than the last cable built or serving in the region.

Google said that it has inked an agreement with Alcatel Submarine Networks in the last quarter of 2018 to build the cable, first phase of which is expected to be completed in 2021 that will connect South Africa with Portugal.

The company came on completing the “Curie” project in April, which is its first private intercontinental investment in subsea cable, which connects the Chile with Los Angeles.

Another announcement was the Dunant transatlantic submarine cable project made by the company last year to deploy 6,600 km cable from France to the United States that is schedule to be ready providing services in 2020.

Subsea cables play a vital role in the internet services industry and are counted as the backbone of that sector as it handles 99 percent of the world’s data traffic.

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