Google achieved global cloud goal, completed subsea cable to Chile

Alphabet Inc’s Google came on completing a subsea cable project of 10,000 kilometer or 6,214 miles in length that will link the coast of California to Chile, a significant milestone towards its global goal of bolstering cloud computing infrastructure.

The cable project, which Google calls Curie Project was announced by the company a little more than a year ago as part of its plans to build a networked infrastructure for cloud computing. The project is also Google’s first privately owned and invested intercontinental subsea cable system that starts from Los Angeles to end at South America making its way under the Pacific Ocean that has landed at port of Valparaiso in Chile on Tuesday, according to a post by Google on its regional website.

Google remain making heavy investments in technology infrastructure with a special focus on submarine cables for being vital for connecting up its network around the world. Google has similar other links including a submarine cable linking the United States with Ireland and Denmark, and another connecting hubs in Asia.

The utilization of a four fiber pair design in the cable will provide Google with an additional capacity to its global communication network which will also provide more advanced connection to Latin American infrastructure.

In a statement to mark arrival of the cable in her country, Chilean Minister of Transport and Telecommunications Gloria Hutt said that new cable link would be advantageous to and will be providing opportunities for millions of Internet users in the country.

Google is already having a data center present in the Chilean capital Santiago, while the country is moving ahead towards deployment of an optic fiber network across the entire country connecting most of the internet users with the hi-speed connections and is also working on a separate plan of installing a submarine line to connect it with Asia.

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