Going with the CBA proposal will cause spectrum delay as it would face lawsuits

The satellite operators in the United States are proposing a private selling of C-band spectrum for 5G to them, but last week representatives of Google and Charter Communication took away their key argument saying that it will definitely expose the sale to lawsuits and resultantly would delay the process of spectrum availability.

The stance of companies came out when Staci Pies, senior policy counsel at Google and Colleen King, vice president of regulatory affairs at Charter, were speaking on a panel around the issue hosted by the Wireless Future Project of the Open Technology Institute (OTI) at New America on Tuesday.

While both the representative did not hinted any lawsuit by their companies but highlighted that it is evitable if the government decided to follow that path. They were emphasizing that the C-band is a spectrum having interests of too many parties in it and shared their viewpoint that it is also not clear whether allowing such private selling of the spectrum as proposing C-Band Alliance (CBA) is permitted by law.

The CBA is an alliance of satellite operators having Eutelsat Communications, SES, Telesat and Intelsat as its members and it remained proposing that 200 MHz of C-band spectrum should be sold to wireless operators.

The proposal came out on their viewpoint that doing so will boost the process of availability of that midband spectrum for 5G, but OTI is not agreeing with them upon their proposal.

OTI is not supporting the proposal of satellite operators as they are deciding about the allocation of spectrum by their own and for the reason it has filed its opposing comments with the FCC and suggested it to hold an auction in the interest of public.

For allocation of C-band spectrum, FCC is currently considering all options of an auction, proposal of CBA or some

Holding an auction or accepting the proposal of CBA or any partial form of it, are the options and FCC has to choose one to make its decision.

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